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Keyzone is a simple yet powerful key tracking web application designed by Keytracker Ltd.

Keyzone software has been designed and developed with many potential uses in mind, the primary purpose being to track keys. Keyzone allows you to store all key information within the database; you can then add all of your staff/users to the database allowing you to track your key movements. You can do this by ‘checking keys in and out’ of the application. This then creates an audit trail of movements which you can export to a spreadsheet file. This gives you the ability to quickly see at a glance who has what key at any time.

Keyzone allows you to set permissions within the software, such as who can take what key, making it fully customizable- you can even upload your own corporate branding!

Keyzone can be hosted on either a dedicated Keytracker server or installed onto your local network server. You can access Keyzone using a wide range of devices from PC’s, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Scroll down to find out more about Keyzone’s features and how it can successfully help you to track and manage your keys.


Key Management Web Application

Track Keys

Track Keys

Keep track of your keys

Keep track of your keys via the "All Keys" tab found in KeyZone. This feature will show you all the current keys from new to old, with information such as the group the key belongs to, the status of the key (checked in or out) and if the key requires a signature at the point of checkout.

Track Users

Keep track of your users

Keep track of your users via the "All Users" tab found in KeyZone. This feature will show you all the current users and all their information in their profile and currently widthdrawn items.

Track Users
Full Audit Trail
Full Audit Trail

Track Every Event, Build Reports

Keep track of everything and build reports

Keep track of every event that happens throughout KeyZone

Keep track of transactions that happen throughout KeyZone. The "Key Reports" report builder allows senior staff to create reports of user transactions.

This feature displays the time and date of the event, the user that triggered the event and what event it was.

Events include: adding, editing and deleting a key. Adding, editing and deleting a user. Adding, editing and deleting a user group. Web login, failed web login (also logs IP Address.) Key data import, user data import and import failed. Edited settings and logo change.

KeyZone also gives you the option to export these reports to CSV to later use in an excel document.


Works on PC, Tablet and Phone

KeyZone was designed with simplicity in mind, so when developing the application, Keytracker made sure that the website was built to work across all kinds of devices. This enables users to use KeyZone on virtually any modern device that has access to the internet.

Works on all devices
Easy and Simple Key Tracking Software

Easy and Simple

KeyZone was designed with simplicity in mind

The layout of KeyZone is simplistic and basic, so learning and getting used to KeyZone takes very little time. KeyZone will become part of your daily routine, ensuring you have no more missing keys.

KeyZone Modules

KeyZone offers more through the use of additional modules.

KeyZone currently features 3 modules, these include the geotracking module, the handover module and the signature module. Contact us for more information

Different Modules
Customisable Settings

Customize KeyZone

Edit Keyzone to suit your needs

KeyZone allows you to change the settings via the "Settings" tab. You can change anything from the maximum user count and maximum key limit to the menu labels themselves.

KeyZone Support

Contact the Keytracker team

Keytracker uses an Admin Panel for support issues. Support is available every working day from 9AM - 5PM via email or phone.

All Day Support
Control User Permissions

Control Over User Access

KeyZone gives you complete control over your users

KeyZone gives you the option to create users and user groups, giving you control over what they are able to do and what keys they are allowed to access. This includes a variety of restrictions, from adding, editing and deleting keys to adding, editing and deleting users and even restricting access to Keyzones Settings.

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